1. 1fdac9b Convert HttpValidationPolicy to a struct. by bnc · 2 days ago main
  2. f2454c5 Miscellaneous changes to quic/load_balancer: by wub · 3 days ago
  3. aeb243a Change variable types in BalsaHeaders::ParseTokenList(). by bnc · 3 days ago
  4. 18631e1 Remove unnecessary breaks from SerializeCapsuleWithStatus() by QUICHE team · 3 days ago
  5. 92390be Handle unsupported 100-continue as a Bad Request. by QUICHE team · 4 days ago
  6. d4cfa3e Automated g4 rollback of changelist 503988370. by danzh · 4 days ago
  7. 88d21fc Implement a new API for serializing data into QUIC wire format. by vasilvv · 4 days ago
  8. 566b33c Send `urgency` when sending `incremental`. by bnc · 5 days ago
  9. 6ea70c8 Use structured ABSL types for handling time values by QUICHE team · 5 days ago
  10. 7b58bea Set gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_normalize_incoming_packets_addresses's chrome_value to false and mark the flag blocked. by fayang · 5 days ago
  11. a41aa67 Add BalsaFrame test for HTTP/0.9 request. by bnc · 6 days ago
  12. 61b490f Automated g4 rollback of changelist 503440382. by bnc · 6 days ago
  13. 149eaab Do not convert string_view::iterator to char* in BalsaHeader::ParseTokenList(). by bnc · 6 days ago
  14. 2733b11 Make QuicConnection always normalize incoming packets' destination address before processing the packet. by danzh · 7 days ago
  15. 61c2168 Internal change by fayang · 7 days ago
  16. 20c012b Remove `is_static` argument from QuicWriteBlockedList::UnregisterStream(). by bnc · 10 days ago
  17. 39e8a46 Log QUIC_BUG if initial header changed between initial serialization and re-serialization. by fayang · 10 days ago
  18. 031d05a Internal change by martinduke · 11 days ago
  19. ba1faf0 Remove QUIC_EXPORT_PRIVATE attribute from PathValidationReason enum class. by QUICHE team · 11 days ago
  20. 447274a Templatize PriorityWriteScheduler. by bnc · 11 days ago
  21. ad5c27b Change PriorityWriteScheduler to use SpdyPriority. by bnc · 11 days ago
  22. f74ab19 Enable sending ACK-ECN frames for IETF interop. by martinduke · 11 days ago
  23. cc1869f Return INVALID_ARGUMENT instead of INTERNAL if a request can't be decrypted by kmg · 12 days ago
  24. 0bfe732 Fix QuicConnectionTest failure in Chromium on 32-bit Android platforms. by martinduke · 12 days ago
  25. 25750a7 Update QuicWriteBlockedList tests and comments. by bnc · 12 days ago
  26. 1f10d87 Move the capsule parser into //third_party/quiche/common. by vasilvv · 12 days ago
  27. e499db4 Do not create a new multi-port path when there's pending path validation. by renjietang · 12 days ago
  28. 0cfc678 Deflake Bbr2DefaultTopologyTest.BandwidthIncreaseBB2UAggregation. by wub · 13 days ago
  29. 9edbead Add some of the basic status matchers for QUICHE. by vasilvv · 13 days ago
  30. 0f3d1b7 Make hash algorithm names case-insensitive. by vasilvv · 13 days ago
  31. 78c9c13 Disable ReceivedPacketInfoDefaults test to unblock chromium merge. by fayang · 2 weeks ago
  32. 72225ae On client side, change QuicConnection::SendPathResponse() to always respond to PATH_CHALLENGE with the default peer address instead of the source address of the incoming packet. Otherwise after migrating to the server preferred address, the client won't be able to respond to PATH_CHALLENGE sent from the original server address because it is not received on any existing path. by danzh · 2 weeks ago
  33. 74528e5 Explicitly initialize ecn_codepoint in the ReceivedPacketInfo constructor. by martinduke · 2 weeks ago
  34. 9158c29 Provide an abstract API for a stream that one can write bytes into. by vasilvv · 2 weeks ago
  35. aba74ff Generate Concatenated Keys as per OHTTP Key Configuration encoding defined in RFC by QUICHE team · 2 weeks ago
  36. f33b1da Improve ECN coverage in QuicConnectionTest by martinduke · 2 weeks ago
  37. aaaef50 Internal change by birenroy · 2 weeks ago
  38. 8279ff9 Fix QUICHE standalone build. by vasilvv · 3 weeks ago
  39. fcfa32a Receive ECN marks on inbound packets and report counts in ACK_ECN frames. by martinduke · 3 weeks ago
  40. 4622098 Allows QuicSpdyClientSessionBase to take an QuicSession::Visitor instance to propagate server preferred address signal via a new interface OnServerPreferredAddressAvailable(). by danzh · 3 weeks ago
  41. aee4840 Internal change by birenroy · 3 weeks ago
  42. 6aa0d53 Change SPAD from client_connection_option to connection_option. Server only send connection ID and token for preferred address if SPAD has been received. by fayang · 3 weeks ago
  43. c290b82 Internal change by haoyuewang · 3 weeks ago
  44. c06013f Extracts out header value validation into a separate static method. by birenroy · 3 weeks ago
  45. 420b10d Extracts out authority validation into a separate static method. by birenroy · 3 weeks ago
  46. a20e5b7 Enable send and receive of ECN bits on UDP sockets. by martinduke · 3 weeks ago
  47. 93bb10e use different internal version number for draft-ietf-quic-v2-08 by martinduke · 3 weeks ago
  48. 5c6e701 Remove QUICHE_EXPORT to fix merge. by fayang · 3 weeks ago
  49. a168ceb Remove QUICHE_EXPORT in quic_simple_client_session.cc to fix merge. by fayang · 3 weeks ago
  50. e7fa612 Make sure mock_web_transport ends up in the correct file list by vasilvv · 3 weeks ago
  51. ae30648 Add a QUIC protocol flag to enable/disable Chaos protection. Such that we can enable tests disabled in crbug/1347664. by fayang · 3 weeks ago
  52. 93c0e3e Add QuicTestClient::partial_response_body(). by bnc · 3 weeks ago
  53. 8fdee2e Refactoring server preferred address (SPA) validation interfaces. And add sanity checks in QuicConnection client code to prevent client from kicking off connection migration while validating the SPA. by danzh · 3 weeks ago
  54. 727431e Add PriorityWriteScheduler::kLowestPriority and PriorityWriteScheduler::kHighestPriority. by bnc · 4 weeks ago
  55. e7ea77f Deprecate gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_one_write_for_headers. by fayang · 4 weeks ago
  56. 9044e05 Remove WriteScheduler interface. by bnc · 4 weeks ago
  57. 1dcec1b Remove PriorityWriteScheduler::root_stream_id_. by bnc · 4 weeks ago
  58. 9e26f7e Deprecate gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_donot_wake_up_stream_before_finish_reading_headers_v2. by fayang · 4 weeks ago
  59. c17595a Refactor WebTransport API to make it independent of QUIC. by vasilvv · 4 weeks ago
  60. 4bdfa81 Deprecate gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_donot_pto_stream_data_before_handshake_confirmed. by fayang · 4 weeks ago
  61. 17ca935 Deprecate --gfe2_restart_flag_quic_return_error_on_empty_scid. by wub · 4 weeks ago
  62. 36b1d6c Enabling rolled out flags. by QUICHE team · 4 weeks ago
  63. c6cfd04 Internal change by haoyuewang · 5 weeks ago
  64. a0618a6 Optimize client handling of server preferred address: by fayang · 5 weeks ago
  65. 4f74fb5 Internal change by wub · 5 weeks ago
  66. 880e3f9 Change EndtoEndTest.SimpleServerPreferredAddressTest to use an ephemeral port. by fayang · 5 weeks ago
  67. 37765f6 Move the creation of server preferred address path validation context from connection to session. by fayang · 5 weeks ago
  68. dbd6a30 On handshake confirmed, the client connection starts to validate received server preferred address. The connection migrates on path validation succeeds. Otherwise, the connection stays on default path. by fayang · 6 weeks ago
  69. d1f2c99 Do not update peer address on the client side. Also move IsKnownServerAddress logic from QuicSpdyClientSession to QuicConnection. by fayang · 6 weeks ago
  70. 6bd7263 Allow minimum size QUIC packets. by martinduke · 6 weeks ago
  71. f9d6414 Log more information on failing to flush ACK frames. by fayang · 6 weeks ago
  72. 9a79ca2 Use QuicStreamPriority in QuicWriteBlockedList. by bnc · 6 weeks ago
  73. b788f04 Change std::nullopt to absl::nullopt in QuicStreamPriority by QUICHE team · 6 weeks ago
  74. 8a7fb4f Wake up the libevent loop by using loopexit instead of loopbreak by vasilvv · 7 weeks ago
  75. 2cfa460 Relax some test expectations in QUIC BBR & BBR2 test. by wub · 7 weeks ago
  76. 5783c33 Internal change by fayang · 7 weeks ago
  77. 9abfef7 Internal change by haoyuewang · 7 weeks ago
  78. 2be9d50 Remove QuicStream::kDefaultPriority. by bnc · 7 weeks ago
  79. c9bdaf7 removing a hopefully unnecessary include by QUICHE team · 7 weeks ago
  80. 28e5246 Change ParsePriorityFieldValue() return value. by bnc · 7 weeks ago
  81. a672ce5 Log detailed information when client is about to test liveness. by fayang · 7 weeks ago
  82. caad3de Add more PRIORITY_UPDATE tests. by bnc · 7 weeks ago
  83. df493d7 Add char static casts to crypto_utils_test.cc by QUICHE team · 7 weeks ago
  84. a2cb68a Update QUICv2 to draft-08. by martinduke · 7 weeks ago
  85. 7565e7b Add code counts for detailed reasons of stream creation failure. by fayang · 7 weeks ago
  86. f40cb68 Fix flag count for gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_bbr2_probe_two_rounds. by ianswett · 7 weeks ago
  87. bb8ac61 Plumb QuicStreamPriority through QuicStream and QuicSession. by bnc · 7 weeks ago
  88. ab43084 QuicStreamPriority refactor by bnc · 7 weeks ago
  89. 14c24a0 LSC: Replace the C++ MOCK_METHOD<n> family of macros with the new MOCK_METHOD in third_party/spdy. by QUICHE team · 7 weeks ago
  90. 3f55b5e In WebTransportBidirectionalEchoVisitor, retry sending FIN if we cannot send it immediately. by vasilvv · 7 weeks ago
  91. 9e0811c Update tests to use full-length authentication tags: will allow use of minimum-size packets. by martinduke · 7 weeks ago
  92. 3311d44 Retrieve the correct IPv6 address when sending an ICMP6 Echo Reply. by ramosalex · 8 weeks ago
  93. 99ce762 Remove unused QUIC BBRv2 experiments which turned out to diverge from the TCP implementation. by ianswett · 8 weeks ago
  94. 7aa7377 Internal change by bnc · 8 weeks ago
  95. 0354314 Fix QUICHE Bazel build by adding missing deps by vasilvv · 8 weeks ago
  96. 9f4be12 Make QUICHE unit tests work on platforms where googleurl is built without the system ICU support. by vasilvv · 8 weeks ago
  97. 9187dcd Add build files for a MacOS CI build. by vasilvv · 8 weeks ago
  98. 2baa83f Internal change by fayang · 8 weeks ago
  99. b9b0630 Make QUICHE compile for MacOS by vasilvv · 8 weeks ago
  100. 991d089 Fix Balsa tests to pass on MacOS. by vasilvv · 8 weeks ago