1. 61bf3ca Switch to a constant expression for GetRsaSqrtTwo by QUICHE team · 8 hours ago main
  2. c60dcb7 Do not create multi-port path if the connection has active migration disabled. by renjietang · 11 hours ago
  3. 4d58dae Make QuicConnection to do reverse path validation based on IETF version instead of bool validate_client_addresses_. by danzh · 12 hours ago
  4. 73f1ad5 Remove WebTransport version header check on the server side. by vasilvv · 15 hours ago
  5. cef0484 Fixes for third party anonymous tokens directory that allow all tests to pass with bazel which will lead to test coverage in the github repo. by QUICHE team · 33 hours ago
  6. d3a29d6 Update phosphor and token spend apis to expose and accept binary public metadata by QUICHE team · 33 hours ago
  7. f0cc8dd ECN support for several QuicPacketWriter implementations. by martinduke · 2 days ago
  8. afd33ed Replace uses of std::function inside QUICHE. by vasilvv · 2 days ago
  9. 3d87065 Switch uses of std::function to QUICHE callback aliases as appropriate. by vasilvv · 2 days ago
  10. 4ca6b84 Add a test on multi-port path receiving stateless reset. by renjietang · 2 days ago
  11. 63189a5 Remove second QUICHE_EXPORT for SignatureChanger by QUICHE team · 4 days ago
  12. 661e3c8 Document about deprecation of QUIC connection option RVCM. by danzh · 4 days ago
  13. c251e14 Remove quic connection option `RVCM` everywhere given IETF style connection migration is no longer guarded by it since cl/527045730. by danzh · 4 days ago
  14. 88918ac QUIC v2 has been published as RFC 9369. Rename all identifiers from "v2 draft 08" to "rfc v2". No behavior change. Also renames the not-enabled flag gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_enable_version_2_draft_08 to gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_enable_version_rfcv2. by martinduke · 5 days ago
  15. 5f4ca99 Fix test failures in CryptoUtilsTest by QUICHE team · 5 days ago
  16. ed41a5b Let RecordingProofVerifier use the underlying verifier_ (if not null) to VerifyCertChain. by haoyuewang · 6 days ago
  17. 217cb22 Replace uses of std::function with quiche::UnretainedCallback where appropriate by vasilvv · 6 days ago
  18. ef9e527 Update Quiche to RE2 release `2023-06-01`. by Paul Wankadia · 7 days ago
  19. ba4a6b4 Use ANON_TOKENS_ASSERT_OK_AND_ASSIGN in crypto_utils_test.cc by QUICHE team · 7 days ago
  20. 8eaf8d4 Fix stand-alone QUICHE build by vasilvv · 7 days ago
  21. 198f729 Function that DER-encodes the public key of RSA Blind Signature - Probabilistic Signature Scheme algorithm. by QUICHE team · 7 days ago
  22. e9d31b6 Add `--ignore_errors` option to quic_client. by QUICHE team · 7 days ago
  23. 215f30f Create quiche_callbacks.h by vasilvv · 7 days ago
  24. 31bbf1d Adds a basic fuzzer for Http2DecoderAdapter. by birenroy · 8 days ago
  25. 8294639 Adds a basic fuzzer for Http2FrameDecoder. by birenroy · 8 days ago
  26. 8f410c8 Add QUIC connection options `MCS1`, `MCS2` and `MCS3` to adjust GFE allowed max concurrent streams. by danzh · 12 days ago
  27. 3c69c2d Validates request paths according to RFC 3986 Section 3.3. by birenroy · 12 days ago
  28. 8f0bcaf Adds HeaderValidator unit tests for valid and invalid path characters. by birenroy · 13 days ago
  29. 7be9d2e Adds a unit test demonstrating that oghttp2 will accept request paths with space or tab. by birenroy · 13 days ago
  30. 4506f8d Internal change by bnc · 13 days ago
  31. 1f5d219 Internal change by danzh · 14 days ago
  32. 514a274 Use QuicPacketWriter::SupportsEcn interface to abandon ECN attempts. by martinduke · 2 weeks ago
  33. 039c155 Refactor ECN in QuicConnection. by martinduke · 2 weeks ago
  34. 0d6e975 Add SupportsEcn() interface to QuicPacketWriter. A follow-on will use this interface in QuicConnection. by martinduke · 2 weeks ago
  35. acfdb39 Refactor PerPacketOptions for QuicWriter. From the bug: by martinduke · 2 weeks ago
  36. 7fb9bc3 Use public metadata expiry time as BlindSignAuth token expiry by elburrito · 2 weeks ago
  37. 800b8c7 Add ClearCache function to CachedBlindSignAuth. This function will be called when the cached tokens are invalid and need to be deleted. by elburrito · 3 weeks ago
  38. 97e759c Internal change by danzh · 3 weeks ago
  39. 4a5e9e6 Protect QUIC ECH code with a BORINGSSL_API_VERSION check by dschinazi · 3 weeks ago
  40. fc04b8a Remove QUIC_VERSION_43. by fayang · 3 weeks ago
  41. 3d70cad Do not SendInResponseToPacket or return true in CanWrite when connection ID is required but missing in the packet creator. by haoyuewang · 3 weeks ago
  42. 976a3b5 Downgrade QUIC_BUG for late packet processing by QUICHE team · 3 weeks ago
  43. 8cd348b Rename QuicSpdyStream::AreHeadersValid() to ValidatedRequestHeaders() and retain error details in the stream if it returns false. by danzh · 3 weeks ago
  44. 3985f47 Add alpn to interface QuicTestServer::SessionFactory::CreateSession. by wub · 3 weeks ago
  45. cf5c3f4 Add test for MAYBE_BODY_BUT_NO_CONTENT_LENGTH warning. by bnc · 3 weeks ago
  46. 5a102d6 Add token expiration time checks to CachedBlindSignAuth to ensure that it only returns fresh tokens. Token expiration time is based on the AT server's signing public key. by elburrito · 3 weeks ago
  47. c778a4c Log encrypted ClientHellos through QuicConnectionDebugVisitor by davidben · 3 weeks ago
  48. 0f4b41a Remove the header argument from WebTransport OnSessionReady callback by vasilvv · 3 weeks ago
  49. ab63c99 Delete useless member variable QuicFramer::last_serialized_client_connection_id_. by martinduke · 3 weeks ago
  50. d687c5f Add blocked_by_no_connection_id to logging of quic_bug_12714_33 (failed to flush ACK frame when writer is not blocked). by fayang · 4 weeks ago
  51. 11e17fe Remove use of std::function from CreateContextForMultiPortPath() by QUICHE team · 4 weeks ago
  52. ac25268 Fix warning in EncryptionLevelToProto by dschinazi · 4 weeks ago
  53. 3e7c6b2 Tweak BalsaHeadersSequence to prepare for JetstreamSession integration. by diannahu · 4 weeks ago
  54. faaae4e Extend WebTransport error code space to 32-bit. by vasilvv · 4 weeks ago
  55. a24e03b Let QUIC framer always infer packet header type from framer's version. by fayang · 4 weeks ago
  56. 5569dea masque_server_session: factor out event handlers for connect-udp and connect-ip by asedeno · 4 weeks ago
  57. 1f39501 masque_*_bin: create quiche event loop after commandline parsing by asedeno · 4 weeks ago
  58. b352c2e masque_sever_session: unnest different MASQUE implementations by asedeno · 4 weeks ago
  59. 40d5cfd masque_*_bin: use actual logging, not std::cerr by asedeno · 4 weeks ago
  60. 1cb67d4 Implement QUICHE default platform logging using Abseil Logging by asedeno · 4 weeks ago
  61. fef1575 Fix compilation on Chrome OS by QUICHE team · 4 weeks ago
  62. bdfa955 masque_utils: open tun_fd with O_NONBLOCK by asedeno · 4 weeks ago
  63. d907cd8 Support multiple interim responses in SimpleClient. by diannahu · 5 weeks ago
  64. f30fd20 Fix open source QUICHE build by vasilvv · 5 weeks ago
  65. d26475e Support enough of Windows to make EndToEndTest.SimpleRequestResponse pass. by vasilvv · 5 weeks ago
  66. 2fc96eb Force the Public Metadata fingerprint value to be passed as big-endian. by elburrito · 5 weeks ago
  67. 4e75a87 Add quiche::HttpValidationPolicy::validate_transfer_encoding. by bnc · 5 weeks ago
  68. c0da764 Record sent ECN marks correctly for coalesced and buffered packets. by martinduke · 5 weeks ago
  69. 3b1e0fb Deprecate unused field `AT_PUBLIC_METADATA_VERIFIED_KEY_TYPE`. by QUICHE team · 5 weeks ago
  70. 3a06b4d Avoid interim response handling for 101 Switching Protocols responses in BalsaFrame. by diannahu · 5 weeks ago
  71. 28fb620 Add a class to represent a sequence of BalsaHeaders. by diannahu · 5 weeks ago
  72. 1d0e28c Include debug_mode in the Public Metadata fingerprint. by QUICHE team · 5 weeks ago
  73. 107316f Add support for CreateContextForMultiPortPath running async. by QUICHE team · 5 weeks ago
  74. 08eb455 Do not evict unacknowledged QPACK entries. by bnc · 5 weeks ago
  75. 3f0c46a Use simple regex in quic_connection_test.cc by QUICHE team · 5 weeks ago
  76. eef7c63 Clean up count_reverse_path_validation_stats. by haoyuewang · 5 weeks ago
  77. 32d6279 Add ability to set a non-zero send alarm delay for QUIC connection. by QUICHE team · 6 weeks ago
  78. 4bd604c Add comment to QPACK encoder. by bnc · 6 weeks ago
  79. af8613d More build fixes for QUICHE on Windows. by vasilvv · 6 weeks ago
  80. db41f5a Add a Windows implementation of socket.h by vasilvv · 6 weeks ago
  81. 007967d Basic fixes to make QUICHE build on Windows. by vasilvv · 6 weeks ago
  82. e8fcb8d Deprecate --gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_remove_connection_migration_connection_option_v2 by haoyuewang · 6 weeks ago
  83. a99f4fa Remove extra warnings from internal QUICHE platform implementation. by bnc · 6 weeks ago
  84. 201bfa5 Add stats on QuicConnection path degrading and recovering. by renjietang · 6 weeks ago
  85. 9ba5238 Deprecate --gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_dont_close_connection_in_tls_alert_callback. by wub · 6 weeks ago
  86. 84bac95 When a region override is in effect, enable debug mode. Otherwise, Beryllium will reject it when it does the country mismatch check. by QUICHE team · 7 weeks ago
  87. 6618a66 Deprecate --gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_verify_request_headers_2 by danzh · 7 weeks ago
  88. d2d9e7b Validate incoming ECN feedback. by martinduke · 7 weeks ago
  89. 02c69dd Change SpendTokenData to use PublicMetadata instead of PublicMetadataInfo, and update its users. by elburrito · 7 weeks ago
  90. 31adc4e Avoid unnecessarily dipping into C pointers in StripLeft by davidben · 7 weeks ago
  91. e8ec153 Updating anonymous token signing client-side code to start using public metadata in calls to cryptographic libraries. by QUICHE team · 7 weeks ago
  92. 375c728 Refactoring tests in rsa_bssa_client_test in order to get the file ready to incorporate tests that deal with blind signatures with public metadata. by QUICHE team · 7 weeks ago
  93. b079549 Add BwE delegation support to Hyperloop client. by haoyuewang · 7 weeks ago
  94. 46b5cb4 Add a unit test to exercise reset reliability by vasilvv · 7 weeks ago
  95. d03c621 Remove QUICHE_EXPORT annotations from testing/utils.h, and add explanatory comments to other files with those annotations. by elburrito · 7 weeks ago
  96. e5dd7a6 Internal change by elburrito · 7 weeks ago
  97. 3db86bf Disable QUICv2 for MASQUE by dschinazi · 7 weeks ago
  98. 32fda19 Change a test value in PublicMetadataHashWithHKDF for 32-bit compatibility by elburrito · 7 weeks ago
  99. b1b2e02 Remove btree_scheduler_fuzzer by vasilvv · 7 weeks ago
  100. b91e92a Simplify the BalsaVisitorInterface::OnInterimHeaders() signature. by diannahu · 8 weeks ago