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  1. b23b83c Removes unused OnReadyToReadDataForStream, and adds nullptr checks to nghttp2 callbacks. by QUICHE team · 16 hours ago master
  2. 3e6cf91 Add a per-thread QuicConnectionContext for the upcoming QuicConnection tracing work. by wub · 19 hours ago
  3. 94acc60 Accepts nghttp2 options when constructing an NgHttp2Adapter. by QUICHE team · 20 hours ago
  4. d216ddb Modifies the Http2Adapter API to accept DataFrameSources as unique_ptrs. by QUICHE team · 20 hours ago
  5. 5ae10c8 Adds an integer return value to Http2Adapter::Send(), to indicate success or failure. by QUICHE team · 22 hours ago


QUICHE (QUIC, Http/2, Etc) is Google‘s implementation of QUIC and related protocols. It powers Chromium as well as Google’s QUIC servers and some other projects. QUICHE is only supported on little-endian platforms.

Code can be viewed in CodeSearch in Quiche and is imported into Chromium.