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  1. c1cab06 gfe-relnote: Deprecate --gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_fix_time_of_first_packet_sent_after_receiving. by zhongyi · 7 hours ago master
  2. 7ae3d60 Change QUIC uses of gmock regex to simpler syntax by dschinazi · 8 hours ago
  3. 2ca2a93 Remove unused Dr. Fuzz function from QuicFramerTest by nharper · 8 hours ago
  4. ee07e47 Make QuicDispatcher drop packets that have an initial destination connection ID that is too short by dschinazi · 9 hours ago
  5. eff5028 gfe-relnote: (n/a) Change typeof() to decltype() in static_assert only. by wub · 10 hours ago


QUICHE (QUIC, Http/2, Etc) is Google‘s implementation of QUIC and related protocols. It powers Chromium as well as Google’s QUIC servers and some other projects.

The code is currently in process of being moved from into this repository. Please excuse our appearance while we're under construction.