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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// FramePartsCollectorListener extends FramePartsCollector with an
// implementation of every method of Http2FrameDecoderListener; it is
// essentially the union of all the Listener classes in the tests of the
// payload decoders (i.e. in ./payload_decoders/* files), with the
// addition of the OnFrameHeader method.
// FramePartsCollectorListener supports tests of Http2FrameDecoder.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <cstdint>
#include "http2/decoder/http2_frame_decoder_listener.h"
#include "http2/http2_constants.h"
#include "http2/http2_structures.h"
#include "http2/test_tools/frame_parts_collector.h"
namespace http2 {
namespace test {
class FramePartsCollectorListener : public FramePartsCollector {
FramePartsCollectorListener() {}
~FramePartsCollectorListener() override {}
// TODO(jamessynge): Remove OnFrameHeader once done with supporting
// SpdyFramer's exact states.
bool OnFrameHeader(const Http2FrameHeader& header) override;
void OnDataStart(const Http2FrameHeader& header) override;
void OnDataPayload(const char* data, size_t len) override;
void OnDataEnd() override;
void OnHeadersStart(const Http2FrameHeader& header) override;
void OnHeadersPriority(const Http2PriorityFields& priority) override;
void OnHpackFragment(const char* data, size_t len) override;
void OnHeadersEnd() override;
void OnPriorityFrame(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
const Http2PriorityFields& priority_fields) override;
void OnContinuationStart(const Http2FrameHeader& header) override;
void OnContinuationEnd() override;
void OnPadLength(size_t pad_length) override;
void OnPadding(const char* padding, size_t skipped_length) override;
void OnRstStream(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
Http2ErrorCode error_code) override;
void OnSettingsStart(const Http2FrameHeader& header) override;
void OnSetting(const Http2SettingFields& setting_fields) override;
void OnSettingsEnd() override;
void OnSettingsAck(const Http2FrameHeader& header) override;
void OnPushPromiseStart(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
const Http2PushPromiseFields& promise,
size_t total_padding_length) override;
void OnPushPromiseEnd() override;
void OnPing(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
const Http2PingFields& ping) override;
void OnPingAck(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
const Http2PingFields& ping) override;
void OnGoAwayStart(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
const Http2GoAwayFields& goaway) override;
void OnGoAwayOpaqueData(const char* data, size_t len) override;
void OnGoAwayEnd() override;
void OnWindowUpdate(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
uint32_t window_size_increment) override;
void OnAltSvcStart(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
size_t origin_length,
size_t value_length) override;
void OnAltSvcOriginData(const char* data, size_t len) override;
void OnAltSvcValueData(const char* data, size_t len) override;
void OnAltSvcEnd() override;
void OnPriorityUpdateStart(
const Http2FrameHeader& header,
const Http2PriorityUpdateFields& priority_update) override;
void OnPriorityUpdatePayload(const char* data, size_t len) override;
void OnPriorityUpdateEnd() override;
void OnUnknownStart(const Http2FrameHeader& header) override;
void OnUnknownPayload(const char* data, size_t len) override;
void OnUnknownEnd() override;
void OnPaddingTooLong(const Http2FrameHeader& header,
size_t missing_length) override;
void OnFrameSizeError(const Http2FrameHeader& header) override;
} // namespace test
} // namespace http2