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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "net/third_party/quiche/src/quic/tools/quic_url.h"
#include "net/third_party/quiche/src/spdy/core/spdy_protocol.h"
namespace quic {
// Container for HTTP response header/body pairs
// fetched by the QuicSimpleServerBackend
class QuicBackendResponse {
// A ServerPushInfo contains path of the push request and everything needed in
// comprising a response for the push request.
struct ServerPushInfo {
ServerPushInfo(QuicUrl request_url,
spdy::SpdyHeaderBlock headers,
spdy::SpdyPriority priority,
std::string body);
ServerPushInfo(const ServerPushInfo& other);
QuicUrl request_url;
spdy::SpdyHeaderBlock headers;
spdy::SpdyPriority priority;
std::string body;
enum SpecialResponseType {
REGULAR_RESPONSE, // Send the headers and body like a server should.
CLOSE_CONNECTION, // Close the connection (sending the close packet).
IGNORE_REQUEST, // Do nothing, expect the client to time out.
BACKEND_ERR_RESPONSE, // There was an error fetching the response from
// the backend, for example as a TCP connection
// error.
INCOMPLETE_RESPONSE, // The server will act as if there is a non-empty
// trailer but it will not be sent, as a result, FIN
// will not be sent too.
STOP_SENDING, // Acts like INCOMPLETE_RESPONSE in that the entire
// response is not sent. After sending what is sent,
// the server will send a STOP_SENDING.
QuicBackendResponse(const QuicBackendResponse& other) = delete;
QuicBackendResponse& operator=(const QuicBackendResponse& other) = delete;
SpecialResponseType response_type() const { return response_type_; }
const spdy::SpdyHeaderBlock& headers() const { return headers_; }
const spdy::SpdyHeaderBlock& trailers() const { return trailers_; }
const QuicStringPiece body() const { return QuicStringPiece(body_); }
void set_response_type(SpecialResponseType response_type) {
response_type_ = response_type;
void set_headers(spdy::SpdyHeaderBlock headers) {
headers_ = std::move(headers);
void set_trailers(spdy::SpdyHeaderBlock trailers) {
trailers_ = std::move(trailers);
void set_body(QuicStringPiece body) {
body_.assign(, body.size());
uint16_t stop_sending_code() const { return stop_sending_code_; }
void set_stop_sending_code(uint16_t code) { stop_sending_code_ = code; }
SpecialResponseType response_type_;
spdy::SpdyHeaderBlock headers_;
spdy::SpdyHeaderBlock trailers_;
std::string body_;
uint16_t stop_sending_code_;
} // namespace quic