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  1. 075a3db Fix test so it compiles in chromium by fkastenholz · 2 hours ago master
  2. 1de6789 gfe-relnote: In QUIC, terminate Google QUIC connections (<= v43) similar as IETF QUIC connection. Protected by gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_terminate_gquic_connection_as_ietf. by fayang · 4 hours ago
  3. 2d475cf Change HTTP/3 frame type from 1 byte integer to variable length integer, and by renjietang · 17 hours ago
  4. 73957f1 Inject a random number generator into QuartcEndpoint and SendAlgorithms. by QUICHE team · 18 hours ago
  5. 05e62b1 Do not ACK when encryption keys are missing by dschinazi · 19 hours ago


QUICHE (QUIC, Http/2, Etc) is Google‘s implementation of QUIC and related protocols. It powers Chromium as well as Google’s QUIC servers and some other projects.

The code is currently in process of being moved from into this repository. Please excuse our appearance while we're under construction.