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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <deque>
#include "net/third_party/quiche/src/quic/platform/api/quic_containers.h"
#include "net/third_party/quiche/src/quic/test_tools/simulator/queue.h"
namespace quic {
namespace simulator {
typedef size_t SwitchPortNumber;
// Simulates a network switch with simple persistent learning scheme and queues
// on every output port.
class Switch {
Switch(Simulator* simulator,
QuicString name,
SwitchPortNumber port_count,
QuicByteCount queue_capacity);
Switch(const Switch&) = delete;
Switch& operator=(const Switch&) = delete;
// Returns Endpoint associated with the port under number |port_number|. Just
// like on most real switches, port numbering starts with 1.
inline Endpoint* port(SwitchPortNumber port_number) {
DCHECK_NE(port_number, 0u);
return &ports_[port_number - 1];
inline Queue* port_queue(SwitchPortNumber port_number) {
return ports_[port_number - 1].queue();
class Port : public Endpoint, public UnconstrainedPortInterface {
Port(Simulator* simulator,
QuicString name,
Switch* parent,
SwitchPortNumber port_number,
QuicByteCount queue_capacity);
Port(Port&&) = delete;
Port(const Port&) = delete;
Port& operator=(const Port&) = delete;
~Port() override {}
// Accepts packet to be routed into the switch.
void AcceptPacket(std::unique_ptr<Packet> packet) override;
// Enqueue packet to be routed out of the switch.
void EnqueuePacket(std::unique_ptr<Packet> packet);
UnconstrainedPortInterface* GetRxPort() override;
void SetTxPort(ConstrainedPortInterface* port) override;
void Act() override;
inline bool connected() const { return connected_; }
inline Queue* queue() { return &queue_; }
Switch* parent_;
SwitchPortNumber port_number_;
bool connected_;
Queue queue_;
// Sends the packet to the appropriate port, or to all ports if the
// appropriate port is not known.
void DispatchPacket(SwitchPortNumber port_number,
std::unique_ptr<Packet> packet);
// This can not be a QuicDeque since pointers into this are
// assumed to be stable.
std::deque<Port> ports_;
QuicUnorderedMap<QuicString, Port*> switching_table_;
} // namespace simulator
} // namespace quic