Fix QuicStreamSequencerBuffer::PrefetchNextRegion() behavior after Clear().

If some data are prefetched then QuicStreamSequencerBuffer::Clear() is called,
then QuicStreamSequencerBuffer::FirstByteMissing() will take the value of
|total_bytes_read_|, which can be less than |total_bytes_prefetched_|.  In this
case, QuicStreamSequencerBuffer::PrefetchNextRegion() used to return true, but
really ought to return false.  This CL fixes that.

This CL addresses the root cause of the fuzzer-found ASAN crash at  It is complementary to cr/253592180, which addresses
the stream level behavior.  Either CLs would be enough to make that particular
crash go away, but they are both necessary as they fix different bugs.

gfe-relnote: Change in code only mean for QUIC v99, not flag protected.

We believe this change does not need flag protection, because it only affects |total_bytes_prefetched_|, which is only read in QuicStreamSequencerBuffer::PrefetchNextRegion(), which is only called (other than tests) in QuicStreamSequencer::PrefetchNextRegion(), which is only called in three places: QuicSpdyStream::OnDataAvailable() but only when using v99, QuicReceiveControlStream::OnDataAvailable() which is not currently wired up but will be v99-only anyway, and //depot/google3/vr/c9/playability/yperf/ in a galaxy far-far away.  Therefore this change should not affect production GFE.

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