Fix gcc compilation error.

QUICHE fails to compile with gcc with the following error message:

quic/core/ In constructor 'QuicCryptoStream::QuicCryptoStream(QuicSession*)':
quic/core/ error: use of deleted function 'QuicCryptoStream::CryptoSubstream::CryptoSubstream(QuicCryptoStream::CryptoSubstream&&)'
                   {this, ENCRYPTION_FORWARD_SECURE}} {
In file included from quic/core/
quic/core/quic_crypto_stream.h:158:30: note: 'QuicCryptoStream::CryptoSubstream::CryptoSubstream(QuicCryptoStream::CryptoSubstream&&)' is implicitly deleted because the default definition would be ill-formed:
   struct QUIC_EXPORT_PRIVATE CryptoSubstream {
quic/core/quic_crypto_stream.h:158:30: error: use of deleted function 'QuicStreamSendBuffer::QuicStreamSendBuffer(QuicStreamSendBuffer&&)'
In file included from quic/core/quic_stream.h:27,
                 from quic/core/quic_crypto_stream.h:15,
                 from quic/core/
quic/core/quic_stream_send_buffer.h:65:3: note: declared here
   QuicStreamSendBuffer(QuicStreamSendBuffer&& other) = delete;

This CL changes QuicCryptoStrem::substreams_ type from array to std::array, and
uses aggregate initialization instead of initializer list as required for
std::array.  See also

I manually confirmed that this compiles in Chromium using clang, and compiles in
Envoy using either gcc or clang.  I have no idea why.

gfe-relnote: n/a, no functional change.
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QUICHE (QUIC, Http/2, Etc) is Google‘s implementation of QUIC and related protocols. It powers Chromium as well as Google’s QUIC servers and some other projects.