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This directory contains several fuzz tests for QUIC code:

  • quic_framer_fuzzer: A test for CryptoFramer::ParseMessage and QuicFramer::ProcessPacket using random packet data.
  • quic_framer_process_data_packet_fuzzer: A test for QuicFramer::ProcessPacket where the packet has a valid public header, is decryptable, and contains random QUIC payload.

To build and run the fuzz tests, using quic_framer_fuzzer as an example:

$ blaze build --config=asan-fuzzer //gfe/quic/test_tools/fuzzing/...
$ CORPUS_DIR=`mktemp -d` && echo ${CORPUS_DIR}
$ ./blaze-bin/gfe/quic/test_tools/fuzzing/quic_framer_fuzzer ${CORPUS_DIR} -use_counters=0

By default this fuzzes with 64 byte chunks, to test the framer with more realistic size input, try 1350 (max payload size of a QUIC packet):

$ ./blaze-bin/gfe/quic/test_tools/fuzzing/quic_framer_fuzzer ${CORPUS_DIR} -use_counters=0 -max_len=1350