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"""Tools for building QUICHE tests."""
load("@bazel_skylib//lib:paths.bzl", "paths")
def test_suite_from_source_list(name, srcs, **kwargs):
Generates a test target for every individual test source file specified.
name: the name of the resulting test_suite target.
srcs: the list of source files from which the test targets are generated.
**kwargs: other arguments that are passed to the cc_test rule directly.s
tests = []
for sourcefile in srcs:
if not sourcefile.endswith(""):
fail("All source files passed to test_suite_from_source_list() must end with")
test_name, _ = paths.split_extension(paths.basename(sourcefile))
name = test_name,
srcs = [sourcefile],
native.test_suite(name = name, tests = tests)