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// Various utility/conversion functions for compatibility with the nghttp2 API.
#include <cstdint>
#include <vector>
#include "absl/strings/string_view.h"
#include "absl/types/span.h"
#include "http2/adapter/data_source.h"
#include "http2/adapter/http2_protocol.h"
#include "http2/adapter/http2_visitor_interface.h"
#include "http2/adapter/nghttp2.h"
#include "spdy/core/spdy_header_block.h"
namespace http2 {
namespace adapter {
// Return codes to represent various errors.
inline constexpr int kStreamCallbackFailureStatus =
inline constexpr int kCancelStatus = NGHTTP2_ERR_CANCEL;
using CallbacksDeleter = void (*)(nghttp2_session_callbacks*);
using SessionDeleter = void (*)(nghttp2_session*);
using nghttp2_session_callbacks_unique_ptr =
std::unique_ptr<nghttp2_session_callbacks, CallbacksDeleter>;
using nghttp2_session_unique_ptr =
std::unique_ptr<nghttp2_session, SessionDeleter>;
nghttp2_session_callbacks_unique_ptr MakeCallbacksPtr(
nghttp2_session_callbacks* callbacks);
nghttp2_session_unique_ptr MakeSessionPtr(nghttp2_session* session);
uint8_t* ToUint8Ptr(char* str);
uint8_t* ToUint8Ptr(const char* str);
absl::string_view ToStringView(nghttp2_rcbuf* rc_buffer);
absl::string_view ToStringView(uint8_t* pointer, size_t length);
absl::string_view ToStringView(const uint8_t* pointer, size_t length);
// Returns the nghttp2 header structure from the given |headers|, which
// must have the correct pseudoheaders preceding other headers.
std::vector<nghttp2_nv> GetNghttp2Nvs(absl::Span<const Header> headers);
// Returns the nghttp2 header structure from the given response |headers|, with
// the :status pseudoheader first based on the given |response_code|. The
// |response_code| is passed in separately from |headers| for lifetime reasons.
std::vector<nghttp2_nv> GetResponseNghttp2Nvs(
const spdy::Http2HeaderBlock& headers,
absl::string_view response_code);
// Returns the HTTP/2 error code corresponding to the raw wire value, as defined
// in RFC 7540 Section 7. Unrecognized error codes are treated as INTERNAL_ERROR
// based on the RFC 7540 Section 7 suggestion.
Http2ErrorCode ToHttp2ErrorCode(uint32_t wire_error_code);
// Converts between the integer error code used by nghttp2 and the corresponding
// InvalidFrameError value.
int ToNgHttp2ErrorCode(Http2VisitorInterface::InvalidFrameError error);
Http2VisitorInterface::InvalidFrameError ToInvalidFrameError(int error);
// Transforms a nghttp2_data_provider into a DataFrameSource. Assumes that
// |provider| uses the zero-copy nghttp2_data_source_read_callback API. Unsafe
// otherwise.
std::unique_ptr<DataFrameSource> MakeZeroCopyDataFrameSource(
nghttp2_data_provider provider,
void* user_data,
nghttp2_send_data_callback send_data);
void LogBeforeSend(const nghttp2_frame& frame);
} // namespace adapter
} // namespace http2