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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "absl/types/optional.h"
#include "quiche/quic/core/congestion_control/general_loss_algorithm.h"
#include "quiche/quic/core/quic_types.h"
#include "quiche/quic/platform/api/quic_flags.h"
namespace quic {
namespace test {
class QuicSentPacketManagerPeer;
} // namespace test
struct QUIC_EXPORT_PRIVATE LossDetectionParameters {
// See GeneralLossAlgorithm for the meaning of reordering_(shift|threshold).
absl::optional<int> reordering_shift;
absl::optional<QuicPacketCount> reordering_threshold;
class QUIC_EXPORT_PRIVATE LossDetectionTunerInterface {
virtual ~LossDetectionTunerInterface() {}
// Start the tuning by choosing parameters and saving them into |*params|.
// Called near the start of a QUIC session, see the .cc file for exactly
// where.
virtual bool Start(LossDetectionParameters* params) = 0;
// Finish tuning. The tuner is expected to use the actual loss detection
// performance(for its definition of performance) to improve the parameter
// selection for future QUIC sessions.
// Called when a QUIC session closes.
virtual void Finish(const LossDetectionParameters& params) = 0;
// This class comprises multiple loss algorithms, each per packet number space.
class QUIC_EXPORT_PRIVATE UberLossAlgorithm : public LossDetectionInterface {
UberLossAlgorithm(const UberLossAlgorithm&) = delete;
UberLossAlgorithm& operator=(const UberLossAlgorithm&) = delete;
~UberLossAlgorithm() override {}
void SetFromConfig(const QuicConfig& config,
Perspective perspective) override;
// Detects lost packets.
DetectionStats DetectLosses(const QuicUnackedPacketMap& unacked_packets,
QuicTime time, const RttStats& rtt_stats,
QuicPacketNumber largest_newly_acked,
const AckedPacketVector& packets_acked,
LostPacketVector* packets_lost) override;
// Returns the earliest time the early retransmit timer should be active.
QuicTime GetLossTimeout() const override;
// Called to increases time or packet threshold.
void SpuriousLossDetected(const QuicUnackedPacketMap& unacked_packets,
const RttStats& rtt_stats,
QuicTime ack_receive_time,
QuicPacketNumber packet_number,
QuicPacketNumber previous_largest_acked) override;
void SetLossDetectionTuner(
std::unique_ptr<LossDetectionTunerInterface> tuner);
void OnConfigNegotiated() override;
void OnMinRttAvailable() override;
void OnUserAgentIdKnown() override;
void OnConnectionClosed() override;
void OnReorderingDetected() override;
// Sets reordering_shift for all packet number spaces.
void SetReorderingShift(int reordering_shift);
// Sets reordering_threshold for all packet number spaces.
void SetReorderingThreshold(QuicPacketCount reordering_threshold);
// Enable adaptive reordering threshold of all packet number spaces.
void EnableAdaptiveReorderingThreshold();
// Disable adaptive reordering threshold of all packet number spaces.
void DisableAdaptiveReorderingThreshold();
// Enable adaptive time threshold of all packet number spaces.
void EnableAdaptiveTimeThreshold();
// Get the packet reordering threshold from the APPLICATION_DATA PN space.
// Always 3 when adaptive reordering is not enabled.
QuicPacketCount GetPacketReorderingThreshold() const;
// Get the packet reordering shift from the APPLICATION_DATA PN space.
int GetPacketReorderingShift() const;
// Disable packet threshold loss detection for *runt* packets.
void DisablePacketThresholdForRuntPackets();
// Called to reset loss detection of |space|.
void ResetLossDetection(PacketNumberSpace space);
bool use_adaptive_reordering_threshold() const {
return general_loss_algorithms_[APPLICATION_DATA]
bool use_adaptive_time_threshold() const {
return general_loss_algorithms_[APPLICATION_DATA]
friend class test::QuicSentPacketManagerPeer;
void MaybeStartTuning();
// One loss algorithm per packet number space.
GeneralLossAlgorithm general_loss_algorithms_[NUM_PACKET_NUMBER_SPACES];
// Used to tune reordering_shift and reordering_threshold.
std::unique_ptr<LossDetectionTunerInterface> tuner_;
LossDetectionParameters tuned_parameters_;
bool tuner_started_ = false;
bool min_rtt_available_ = false;
// Whether user agent is known to the session.
bool user_agent_known_ = false;
// Whether tuning is configured in QuicConfig.
bool tuning_configured_ = false;
bool reorder_happened_ = false; // Whether any reordered packet is observed.
} // namespace quic