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  1. 6433290 Update googleurl to Chromium version db5425c75e7fc1080bd06737d059 by Victor Vasiliev · 3 weeks ago master
  2. a0524de Update googleurl to 9cf3e054c83f943c3bf8a87e6f75cab19b3e08c1 by Victor Vasiliev · 8 weeks ago
  3. b2ea374 Update bazel to 5.1.0 by Keith Smiley · 3 months ago
  4. 9cdb1f4 Fix Windows build by Victor Vasiliev · 3 months ago
  5. 9fa1882 Provide a no-ICU build of googleurl by Victor Vasiliev · 3 months ago


This is a copy of Chrome's URL parsing library, adapted to work with Bazel. It is meant to be used by QUICHE, but can be also used by other projects that use Bazel.

In order to be used successfully, C++14 or later and -fno-strict-aliasing compile flag are required.

For questions, contact

Update Instructions

In order to update this copy to the latest version of googleurl in Chromium, run the following commands in the root of the checkout:

  1. copybara import <path-to-chrome>/src --folder-dir .
  2. bazel test --cxxopt="-std=c++14" //... (C++14 is replacible with later C++ versions)
  3. Fix all of the compilation errors, potentially modifying the BUILD files and the polyfill headers in polyfill/ as appropriate.
  4. Check the new version into Git.